People Make The Difference. Meet Our Community Managers

Community Operations Manager


"The Prospect" Community Manager


Hi! I’m Sofie, a community manager at The Prospect house. This is my fourth year at Cal studying Applied Mathematics. My favorite part about the house is the social culture— it’s so easy to make friends.

"The Channing" Community Manager


Hi my name is Riley Rivera!! I am currently a second year majoring in Nutritional Sciences. My favorite part of being a CM is that I am able to create a fun and safe community!!

"The Morgan House" Community Manager


Hi my name is Yarenni and I am the CM at Morgan House! I am a second year at Cal pursuing a B.A. in Italian Studies. A reason I love being a CM because of the amazing friendships and interactions I get to have with the residents.

"The La Loma" Community Manager


Hello! My name is Mikael and I am the CM for La Loma! I am a graduate from Cal who majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I look forward to building a community amongst housemates and creating friendships!

"The Piedmont" Community Manager


Hi, my name is Ginikachi, and I am the CM at the Piedmont House! I am a sophomore at Cal studying Cognitive Science. Working with TBG has allowed me to meet and learn from the most amazing people!

"The Hearst" Community Manager


Hi, my name is Garv and I’m originally from New Jersey! I came to Cal to study Computer Science and Biology. In my free time I like to both play and watch soccer as well as watch horror movies with my friends.

"The Hearst" Community Manager


Jacob is a 2nd year graduate student at UC Berkeley. Outside of school, he enjoys running, hiking, and being with friends and family.

"The Prospect" Community Manager


Hi I’m Nicole! I’m a senior studying applied mathematics and I am from Los Angeles. I love being outdoors and staying active.

"The Warring" Community Manager


Hi! I’m Priya, a senior from Los Angeles studying Public Health and Data Science. I love that I get to contribute to creating a community here at Berkeley and have really enjoyed my time here!

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