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Student housing should be more than just a roof over your head. It should be a home. A place you can’t wait to get back to after a grueling day of classes. A place where you can relax and unwind, or crack the books and prepare for your future. A place where you’re surrounded by friends; friends that will last a lifetime and eventually become family. A place where you can truly be yourself, and know that’s good enough. This isn’t just student housing… This is "Student Homing".

Best-of-the-Best in Amenities? Yes, Please.

You’re busy, we get it! Our residents have all kinds of demands on their time and, in the end, there’s more to a home than just the people living in it. Your focus should be on school, and taking full advantage of your time at UC Berkeley. That’s why we built our co-living communities from the ground up with your priorities in mind. Across each of our properties are all of your essentials, including free washers and dryers, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances including air fryers and panini presses (as well as all of your kitchen staples), and complimentary Netflix and Hulu. Our properties are kept up to the highest standards with professional housekeeping and cleaning in our communal areas

organized community events

modern, aesthetic

professional weekly cleaning

fiber-optic WiFi

24/7 maintenance & management

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This is everything you want from your college living experience — and more. Our communities are designed with you in mind, each of which within comfortable walking distance from the UC Berkeley campus. Modern, aesthetic interiors are punctuated by state-of-the-art appliances and thoughtful touches, and our legendary Community Managers give their all to cultivate a sense of belonging; all to help you get the most out of your student life. There’s a place for you here, no matter if you thrive in solitude or flourish in social environments.


Ready for the ultimate college living experience? Look no further. Here at The Berkeley Group, we go above and beyond to facilitate tight-knit communities, lasting friendships, and of course, fun. From movie nights and game nights to barbecues and study groups, there's always something happening to bring people together. And in the end, that's what it's all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Awesome! Grab your parent/co-signer and submit your applications here.

Yes, each room is fully furnished with everything you need for your time here at UC Berkeley.

This includes a bedframe, an uber-comfortable twin size mattress and mattress cover (we can also provide linens at a small extra fee), a sturdy desk and chair for your studies, a desk lamp, and a built-in closet or freestanding wardrobe. Most of our properties are also furnished with TV’s, couches, tables, and chairs in the common areas.

We do have a limited number of apartments that do not come furnished, if you prefer to bring all of your own things!

Depending on whether you rent a private or shared room, and the community you choose to live in, rents start as low as $999 per month!

See our community pages for more detailed information about the cost of joining us!

What Our Residents Are

What Our Residents Are Saying

I've rented from The Berkeley Group Properties for years and I love my apartment. The property looks great and is kept up nicely. Any time I have an issue or a problem, they take care of it right away. I would recommend them to anybody looking to rent an apartment. All I ask is to be treated with respect as a paying tenant and a professional response from my landlord when needed. That was definitely the case here.

Jake L.
Willaims, CA

Most of their houses are very modern and close to campus. They have an awesome app that you can use to pay rent/submit maintenance requests/download your lease. It makes everything way faster and efficient. We were concerned about security because we're close to two parks and the installed a new gate and locks when we moved in

Ana G.
Hayward, CA

Our Cal student has been living in one of the community houses - The Prospect.  We have been extremely pleased with the facility and management group.  They have done a great job creating a safe and enjoyable community during a pandemic.  The building is extremely nice and location is great.  Management and house managers are all very nice and helpful.

Rhonda D.
Berkeley, CA

Super attentive and truly cares about quality of the student housing. We know there are a lot of slum lords who only do bare minimum. The Berkeley Group tries their best to bring a hospitality approach to property management for Student housing. Given how lean their team has been doing COVID, I appreciate the level of professionalism they maintain.

Crystal L.
Hesperia, CA

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The Berkeley Group is a premier provider of student housing in Berkeley, California. Placing a strong emphasis on community and relationships, The Berkeley Group has gone above and beyond to create next-level student housing for UC Berkeley students.

The Berkeley Group is a premier provider of student housing in Berkeley, California. Placing a strong emphasis on community and relationships, The Berkeley Group has gone above and beyond to create next-level student housing for UC Berkeley students.